Immigrants: How New Americans Will Help Support Retiring Baby Boomers

The Immigration Policy Center has released a report on America’s aging population, and how immigrants and their children will play increasingly important roles within the U.S. economy as workers and taxpayers for decades to come.  The aging population will increase the demand for workers across the board, but especially in the healthcare industry.

The health care and social assistance industry is expected to be the most rapidly growing sector in terms of employment between 2010 and 2020, and projects that during this time, employment will increase by 34.5 percent in healthcare support occupations and 25.9 percent in healthcare practitioner and technical occupations.  Immigrants  will continue to fill many of these jobs. As of 2010, immigrants comprised roughly 14 percent of workers in healthcare practitioner and technical occupations (which include physicians, pharmacists, dentists, physical therapists, and clinical laboratory technicians).  Given the demographic trends at work within U.S. society, it is likely that immigrants will fill even more jobs in healthcare in coming decades as retirements mount and the healthcare demands of the elderly population increase.


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