Romney Would Honor DACA Work Permits but not Renew the Program

Young undocumented immigrants who receive temporary work permits to stay in the United States under an executive order (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)  issued by President Barack Obama would not be deported under a Mitt Romney administration, the GOP presidential hopeful told The Denver Post Monday.

Governor Romney went on to say “The people who have received the special visa that the president has put in place, which is a two-year visa, should expect that the visa would continue to be valid. I’m not going to take something that they’ve purchased.  Before those visas have expired we will have the full immigration reform plan that I’ve proposed.”

Romney said that he would work with Congress in the first year to pass permanent immigration reform legislation.  He didn’t furnish specifics on that plan, but has said in previous interviews that students who served in the military may get a path to citizenship.


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