Maryland Voters Approve ‘Dream Act’ In-State Tuition Law

A Maryland law that grants an in-state tuition discount to undocumented college students won voter approval Tuesday and set a precedent in the national debate over immigration.

Preelection polling showed broad support for the law, known as Maryland’s version of the “Dream Act,” which grants in-state public tuition rates to certain undocumented immigrants who attended Maryland high schools for at least three years and meet other conditions.  Under the law, students who qualify for the tuition benefit must first attend community college. Those who receive an associate degree or at least 60 credits at the two-year school can then qualify for a tuition discount at a four-year university.

About a dozen other states have laws or policies that echo Maryland’s version. But the outcome of Question 4 set a precedent. No other state has approved such a law through a popular vote.

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