Visa Bulletin Predictions for FY2013

The December 2012 Visa Bulletin provided an estimate of the movement in a number of categories for the next several months.  Below are the estimated movements in each category.

Employment-based Categories

  • EB-1 – expected to remain current;
  • EB-2 ROW – expected to remain current;
  • EB-2 China – five to eight weeks per month;
  • EB-2 India – no movement;
  • EB-3 ROW – three to five weeks per month;
  • EB-3 China – up to two months per month;
  • EB-3 India – up to two weeks per month;
  • EB-3 Mexico – three to five weeks per month; and
  • EB-3 Philippines – one to three weeks per month.

Family-based Categories

  • FB-1 – three to four weeks per month;
  • FB-2A – four to six weeks per month;
  • FB-2B – three to five weeks per month;
  • FB-3 – one or two weeks per month; and
  • FB-4 – one or two weeks per month.

The lack of any movement in EB-2 India in recent months is a strong indication that there is too high of a demand in the EB-2 India category and that the Department of State plans to move the cutoff dates forward very slowly in order to allow USCIS to approve the high number of EB-2 cases filed and pending.  Slow forward movement in this category is the Department of State’s way to slow the number of I-485 filings and to allow USCIS to work through the pending adjustment of status applications already filed.  We  are expecting that there will be very slow movement in this category over the coming months, with the most optimistic, best-case predictions for EB2 India as reaching an early 2008 cutoff date by the end of the fiscal year.

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