• J-1 Waiver for Foreign Medical Graduates Under certain circumstances, a physician the US on a J-1 visa can obtain a waiver allowing him or her to stay in the U.S. after completing residency training.
  • Employment-Based Immigration The Immigration & Nationality Act provides a yearly minimum of 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas. We can help you get yours.
  • Nonimmigrant Visas Our firm's attorneys are available to help you acquire nonimmigrant visas such as the H1-B or J-1 visa.
  • Family-Based Immigration An American citizen may petition for an immigrant visa for his or her spouse, parents, children, and siblings. A permanent resident alien may petition for immigrant visas for his or her spouse and unmarried children.
  • Naturalization The attorneys at the Law Offices of Dayna Kelly have assisted many Legal Permanent Residents in obtaining U.S. Citizenship through the Naturalization process. Let our attorneys lend their expertise to help you and your family navigate this immigration process.

The Law Offices of Dayna Kelly offers a variety of immigration services.